Monday, February 21, 2011

Hold that pose!

Natali is still sick. Wheezing at night....and small coughing fits. Last night I tried saline up the nose (she is finally used to it and doesn't cry), baby rub on chest and humidifier. Mildly worked. I spent 40 minutes around 2AM rocking her as she got frustrated by all the coughing. I know it will pass.

Last night she finally held a crawling position. She didn't crawl. She knew she wanted to, but just kinda hung out. In the past she would collapse right away.

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The "Da Da" sounds are non-stop now. Loving it.

She has started to eat those dissolving kiddie treats that have zero nutrtional value. She can pick them up and aim them toward her mouth....but she misses most of the time. When she does have one in her mouth she likes them.

Natali still despises rolling over. She will roll to one side....and stop. I guess she feels it's beneath her. She loves to stand up and makes and effort to walk. Who knows if she will blow off rolling over and crawling and go straight to walking. From one month old she liked to stand up. Who knows.

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