Thursday, February 3, 2011

Five months and Nineteen Days....

Natali has finally rolled over. Took her a while.


When this happened I was sitting in a cockpit preparing to fly to Little Rock, Arkansas. Thankfully Kelli shot a video of the event and emailed it to me.

Since then she has not rolled over once. Natali will pretend she is rolling over....going 75% of the way....the rolling back onto her back again. Ah she is my daughter.

Natali has taken to a new sleeping style. She now sleeps on her side most of the time. This should help the hair on the back of her head grow back. It looks very uncomfortable to sleep like that. Eh.

Kelli has been cooking up a storm. She has cooked more meals for Natali in the last 2 months than she has cooked for me in the last 8 years!

My mother in law will be heading down to Texas in a week or so. Kelli and I are going to plan a one night escape somewhere. Maybe New Orleans. Maybe Canada. Maybe.....who knows.

Weather in Texas this week has been down right cold. The high today was 20. Kelli and Natali had been cooped up since Monday. They had to get out. We all went to Walmart.

Natali was very surprised with the cold air. She sat motionless and expressionless the entire trip from the car to the store and for an additional 5 minutes. It was as though she was conserving heat. She finally came too.

We all walked around the store for an hour. Forty five bucks later and we left. Kelli did score two jackets for Natali. One 18 month and one 24 month for $2.50 each!

We paid for 3 days of daycare this week. Natali has gone one day. Glad we aren't like "normal" people and paid for a full week. They were closed yesterday though. She might go tomorrow.

This time next week Natali will be 6 months old. Crazy how time flies.



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  1. My daycare allows me (sometimes) to take my sprout for an extra day here and there when he doesn't attend a whole week (like when sick for the whole week or like this week when they're closed) - kind of helps when I need a fourth or fifth day to catch up on writing!
    Kind of sucks having to pay for the 3 days when he didn't go even 1 day this week! :)

    Yay for rolling over! And! Yay for Kelli cooking! I'm sure she'll make purees for you if you ask nicely!