Thursday, February 17, 2011

6 month visit

I brought Natali in for her 6 month visit. The stats:

Weight : 17.6 pounds

Height: 27 inches

Head Circumference: 44.45 cms or 17.5 inches

The visit went kinda okay. The office was busy. Before we went to the office we stopped by my allergist. Natali was her normal happy and exploring self.

I gave her a bottle right before the office visit. She had about 2 ounces.

The Doctor isn't very talkative. He examined her then said the nurse would be in for her shots. Then we waited. Natali was getting sleepy and cranky. I walked around and sang to her. I bounced her around. I then ignored the sign saying to not feed your child and fed her the other 2 ounces of her bottle. Finally 20 minutes later the nurse arrived.

I've read several articles about shots and immunizations. The number of shots Natali gets at each visit is mind blowing. I would be pissy if I go that many shots at once. The reason they cluster them up is because MOST parents won't bring their kids in every 2 weeks or so for the shots. Doctors "have" to cluster them up.

Natali was a different person after her 4 month visit for about a day. This 6 month visit would be worse.

The nurse came in and held Natalis' legs down. One oral medicine and then three shots (including a flu shot). Natali was screaming. I was able to quickly calm her down. She left somber.

For the rest of the day she was just off. Much crankier than normal. It didn't help that she had her first tooth start to come in this same morning.

On top of that she is sick again. Something about that day care. So shots + first tooth + being sick = long night.

Natali coughed all night. After two hours I brought her to our bed. I initially thought there was something in her room making her cough. She never coughed anywhere else in the house previously. Each morning she sleeps in our bed between 5AM and 8AM....and never coughs.

I put some baby rub (baby version of Vicks vapor rub) on her chest and laid her next to me. She fell asleep quickly.

Through the night she was mostly okay. Woke up a few times when her pacifier came out.

I am very cautious with her in the bed. I sleep on my right side and have Natali in front of me. I sleep on the right side of the bed so I am her cushion in case she suddenly decides to roll. Natali hates to roll over so not a big concern.

This morning she is still cranky. On the next visit I am going to ask to spread out the vaccinations/shots. We live 2 miles from the Doctors office and I typically have weekdays off so I can take her whenever.

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  1. I hope Natali feels much more chipper soon, that's a lot for a baby! Teeth, shots, feeling sick! :(