Monday, October 11, 2010

Too young for Disneyland? Nah!

We had a great mini-vacation at Disneyland over the weekend.

Taking a 2 month old to Disneyland might be viewed as a waste as they won't remember it. However....when you work in the travel industry, traveling to Disneyland is fairly inexpensive.

We flew there for practically free, super cheap rental car ($50 all in for 3 days) and a very cheap hotel (discount plus shared with my in laws).

Disney has a great set up for parents with children who can't go on certain rides. One parent goes solo and then the other parent can skip most of the line and ride solo. Since I was with my sisters in law and my niece, we didn't have to ride solo as we would all take turns. Great time.

I was a little tired. Wednesday I flew New York to Minneapolis to New York as a pilot. I then rode in the back on a flight from New York to Dallas. Thursday we all rode on a flight from Dallas to Santa Ana. Sunday we caught a flight from Santa Ana to Dallas. We couldn't get Natali a seat so I "had" to hold her. I enjoyed it.

I then caught a flight from Dallas back to New York that night. This morning I flew my New York to Minneapolis and back. Phew. Lots of flying. Sunday Kelli and Natali might come visit.

More photos later in the week. For now just one.

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