Wednesday, October 27, 2010

11 weeks old

Natali is 11 weeks old today.  It's amazing how fast time flies.  She is doing really well with sleeping lately.  I usually get at least 5 hours straight sleep out of her, then one feeding and another 3 hours or so of sleep.  2 nights in a row she even slept for 6.5 hours straight.  I think we are doing pretty well with that.  Hopefully we will get a full nights sleep by the end of this year.  Natali's development seems to be right on track as well.  She has been able to lift her head up for a while now, but just in these last few days she has really started to spend a good amount of time pushing herself up with her arms.  We let her sleep on her stomach during the day (when we can frequently check on her) and I often find her laying in bed pushing herself up to look around when she wakes up.  She really likes to stand too and seems to have very strong legs.  As Darren mentioned in a previous post she has become much more vocal in the last week or so as well and now has quite a range of sounds.  It is very cute to here her make those noises. :)

We visited my brother and sister in law in New York a week or so ago and my sister in law Jenny apparently has a magic baby swing.  Up until that point Natali hated her swing.  We couldn't put her in it while she was awake because she just cried the whole time.  When we were in New York Jenny decided to try putting her in the swing and she suddenly loved it.  She has her swing set to swing side to side and she also doesn't have a canopy on hers like we have on ours.  I guess those things were pretty important.  We came home and turned our swing so it moves side to side and took off the canopy and now Natali loves her swing too!  It's nice to be able to put her in it when I need to do something and she frequently sleeps in it during the day now too.  It makes me very happy!

I start back to work on Monday and I have a lot of anxiety about it.  I am not in the least bit worried about leaving Natali.  Darren will be staying home with her for the next 2 months, so that is not a concern.  I know I will be more anxious leaving her when she starts daycare, but that is a little while longer.  My main concern is having been away for so long.  12 weeks is a long time to not do a job.  Will I remember everything right away?  How long is it going to take me to get back into the swing of things?  We are pretty short staffed there now, and I know they will be glad I'm back to help.  I'm sure it will all go smoothly, but it still makes me nervous.  I know there are some new contracts that have come in while I was away and there may have been a few changes to existing contracts that I don't know about.  It's the small details that can really get a person mixed up in my job and there are lots of small details.  I guess I just have really high expectations for myself and I am scared that everyone else has these really high expectations too.  It's a lot to live up to.  I'd like to think I can jump back in without missing a beat, but is that really possible?  I'm sure it will all work out just fine, but it's still a bit scary.  In the past I always felt out of the loop after a week of vacation, but to come back after 12 weeks off?  Hopefully after a day or two it will feel like I never left and everything will be like normal.  I am definitely ready to work again.  There are only so many Judge shows and episodes of Maury that I can stand.

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