Monday, October 4, 2010

Everything is new

Something as simple as a smile.

Natali is smiling at us more. Kelli played a simple game of "peek-a-boo" with Natali over the weekend. Kelli would raise a towel to hide her face, then quickly lower it. Natali would smile. Then Kelli would repeat the process. After about 4 times Natali made the "ugly face" and began to cry. Natali won't have object permanance (using my sociology degree!!!) for another 6 months or so. Until then...everything is in the moment.

I got to thinking the other day. Everything Natali encounters is new. Clean sheet. I've already seen her reaction to tasting something sweet. It stops her in her tracks.

We bought Mylicon drops to help with upset stomachs. It's apparently very sweet. Natali can be in an all out scream fest and stop the instant the drops reach her tounge. I also tried a small amount of Splenda on my finger. Same effect. She just stares at me and smacks with an expression, "Oh father, whatever this magic powder you placed in my mouth is....may I have more?"

Kelli has figured out how to get more sleep. She fills up Natali with formula at 10:30PM. She'll stuff in as much as possible. Doing so allows Natali to sleep until 4:30ish AM. Not too shabby for a 7 week old.

I'd love to post photos...but I only have my netbook right now. I'm on the road. Photos when I get back. She will be turning 8 weeks old when I return.

In other news...I bought 252 Pampers Swaddler diapers for $29....delivered. This same box goes for $41.99 at Walmart/Target. How? Amazon. Amazon launched a new service called Amazon Mom. It gives free two day shipping on all baby stuff for one year. It's like our existing Amazon Prime membership. Prime cost $75 a year but gives free 2 day shipping on everything sells. With baby stuff and household goods and groceries, items can be set up on a subscription plan. By subscribing to the diapers I ordered the price dropped from $38 to $29. Amazon sends emails out a week prior to the next shipment. Anytime up until the day it ships I can delay or cancel the order. Simple. Easy. With diapers I will likely change the size each time a new shipment is ready. I love Amazon. Every parent should take a hard look at Amazon and start saving money. And no I get no referral fees.....though it would be nice if I did.

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