Monday, October 18, 2010

9360 miles

Natali and Kelli....hmmm Kelli and Natali.....flew up to New York yesterday.

The timing was pretty interesting. I was flying from Atlanta to New York in the morning when I heard "American flight 704" on the radio. That's the flight Natali and Kelli.....Kelli and Natali...took.

As I lined the plane up with the runway, their flight was right behind mine. I landed the plane and , as we turned onto a taxiway, watched the MD80 carrying Natali and Kelli....Kelli and Natali touch down.

By the time my passengers were off and the plane was put away, Kelli was already out of her terminal. Met up in the middle. Great timing.

Natali was a little fussy yesterday. I think it was from lack of sleep. Kelli said Natali was awake for most of the 3 hour flight. Once we got the her brother's place she was mostly wide awake. All new faces and surroundings for her. That evening I had to head back to my hotel. I tried for about 20 minutes to calm Natali down. She was fine as long as I would hold her. Once I put her down....out came the screams. Finally we just put her in the car seat and Kelli drove me back to my hotel. Once in the car, Natali calmed down and was quiet. She was exhausted.

When Natali and Kelli.....Kelli and Natali fly back home tomorrow Natali will have traveled on 10 airline flights for a total of 9,360 just over 2 months on this earth. That's gotta be a record.

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  1. We decided we are going to challenge you guys on this one. :) We want to see how many miles we can accumulate with Wyatt in the 172. Get ready for a fight. Happy to hear how well she travels!

    Shelbi Lynne & Matt