Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just a few weeks left

I stopped by work yesterday with Natali so everyone could meet her.  She is 8 weeks old today and it's hard to believe that time has gone by so quickly.  I only have a few weeks left of maternity leave before I am back to the daily grind.  We are very lucky that Darren is able to take time off when I go back.  I am totally comfortable with Natali going to daycare, but it's nice to give her more time at home before she starts.  It will give Darren some great bonding time with her too.  I have definitely enjoyed my time off, but I don't think I'm cut out to be a full time stay at home mom.  My work has always been a major focus in my life, and I like it that way.  Me working allows us to lead a lifestyle we love, and I am not willing to give that up.  We couldn't live on Darren's salary anyway.  I am capable of being a do it all mother, especially since I have such a wonderful husband who is an amazing dad too.

Even though Darren is based in New York for the month we are still trying to make the most of my last few weeks off work.  Tomorrow we are going to Disneyland.  I am very excited about it!  The weather is going to be beautiful, and I can go on all the rides again! :-)  That was a big negative when I was pregnant.  Also, toward the end of this month Darren and I are going to Las Vegas for a weekend with Eric, Angela, Jason, and Jackie.  We are really looking forward to that too.  We haven't been to Vegas since the last time the 6 of us went together in March of 2009.  This is the longest stretch of time between Vegas trips since we got married.  My wonderful mother has volunteered to stay with Natali and the dogs.  She really wants to spend more time with her, so it works out well for us.  It will be hard for me to leave Natali for the first time, but all parents need a break and she couldn't be in more capable hands.

In other news, I had a big discussion with my doctor about birth control options.  Prior to getting pregnant I was on birth control pills and I took them for years without a problem.  However, there is an increased risk for blood clots with pills and because of my blood clotting issues my doctor does not really want me back on them.  Birth control is necessary since I need at least 3 years between children, if we have one at all.  Darren says he doesn't want another one, but I'm not ready to say that yet.  We decided the best option is an IUD, specifically Mirena.  It honestly makes me nervous, but my doctor says the risk of side effects is minimal and I usually don't have side effects from things anyway.  It's a great option since it can be left in for up to 5 years and does not adversely affect fertility.  My doctor says a lot of people get pregnant within the first month after removal.  I think if we have gone 5 years and still don't want another child I will have Darren get a vasectomy at that point.  He has already volunteered to do it so it shouldn't be a problem for him.

Natali is still doing really well.  Her growth and development is right on track, and I love being a mom. :-)  The only problem is she can be a handful to entertain during the day.  She does not like to be put down much.  We do tummy time, which she is ok with for a few minutes, but then she gets upset.  I can't put her in her swing while she is awake because she will cry nonstop.  Sometimes I have to just lay her on the bed and let her cry so I can go to the bathroom or feed the dogs.  The only place I can set her down for any length of time while she is awake is in her bouncer.  It vibrates and she really likes that.  She is also fascinated by the hanging panda bear.  She can stare at that thing for a very long time.  It also has different lights and music she enjoys too.  I can put her in the bouncer and make it through an entire shower and get dressed before she starts getting upset.  It really helps out.  I think she will do well in an exersaucer or a jumperoo when she is old enough too.  She also really enjoys sitting outside in the grass.  She will sit there for a long time with her butt on the ground while leaning back against me.  It's nice for me too since I can throw the ball for the dogs while we sit there.  The story on the news said that babies need at least 10 minutes outside every day anyway so they absorb enough vitamin D, so we are doing good there. :-)

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  1. I had the IUD prior to this pregnancy, but after my first 2 daughters. I had the paraguard one though, only because I have had weird side effects to the pill and the Marina one releases hormones. It was THE BEST form of BC in my opinion. I did have it removed and got pregnant right away. Tragically, I lost that pregnancy at 11 weeks. I got pregnant again and lost that one too. I got pregnant AGAIN and that would be our 12 week old, Kacey. My obgyn swears that the IUD or its removal had nothing to do with my miscarriages. I kinda feel that it did though.

    I just started putting Kacey in the excersaucer.. She doesn't do much in it yet, but she is mesmorized by all of the colors. Kacey was born with (and recently diagnosed) with Torticollis. Her neck is crooked (google it!). So I am not sure how delayed she is as far as holding herself up. We should be starting PT very soon.

    My ped says we can start cereal at 4 months, so I look forward to filling her belly so she sleeps longer :)