Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kicked to the curb

Natali has been kicked out of the infant classroom on Friday. Starting Monday Natali will be in the toddler room.

The change happened pretty quickly.

Two weeks ago they asked if they could move Natali to the toddler room for an hour or so a day to get her used to it. I was tinking she would be moved in a month. Nope. Done.

I figured there would be a pretty large price change. Nope...$3 a week.

Natali is fully walking now. She only crawls when she gets tripped up. She hasn't mastered standing up from a sitting position without climbing up on something. In time.

I found out this week Natali likes seafood. While shopping I found "seafood sticks" which are like cheese sticks but made of white fish. Natali loves them! She also tried my salmon and eggs...again she liked it. Yay!

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