Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The gig is up

Yesterday when Kelli picked Natali up from school there was a milestone.

Natali saw Kelli and WALKED all the way across the room to meet her. Too bad I missed it.

Then today Natali is walking more than ever. Still wobbly but she will walk down the hall unassisted. Across the room unassisted. She even walked, bent down to pick up her sippy cup, erected herself and drank while standing up.

I think Natali has been a closet walker for a while. Walking in her crib and showing off at school for weeks. She didn't walk in front of us to play mind tricks on us. I think walking in front of Kelli yesterday was a fluke.

It's been a rough week. Monday and Tuesday Natali was up from 5:30AM until 4PM nonstop. She didn't nap at day care. Once Kelli picked her up from day care, Natali fell asleep immediately.

She then slept from 4PM until 6:30PM on Monday. We woke her to feed her. She was cranky...very cranky. Just dinner and a bath then bed.

Tuesday we let her sleep till 7PM. Same thing. Cranky. Bath, dinner then bed.

Today she took a nap. Kelli and I were happy as we got to spend some quality time with Natali.


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