Monday, September 19, 2011

Confidence, Confidence, Dry and Secure!

Over the weekend Natali took a big step forward in her confidence. Out of nowhere she started just standing on her own...still...but standing for long periods of time. She just stands, talks and makes hand gestures.

Natali stood around a lot over the weekend. It got to the point where, while out shopping for a new fridge, she would fuss until we put her down and let her just stand.

She did take a few steps on her own.

Natali is also able to start walking, stop, continue walking and recover from being wobbly. Progress indeed.

I haven't talked about her teeth much. She has four middle bottom fully in. Four top row teeth about 1/2 in and two side teeth about 1/3 in. Not bad.

Our weekly grocery bill has dropped a full $20. Reason? No more formula! We actually stopped giving her formula about a week after her 1 year birthday. Natali now just drinks whole milk and water. Nice.

Kelli should be updating soon. It's been busy lately as we haven't had a full day off at the same time in a while now that I'm temporarily working a Monday thru Friday schedule and Kelli is working weekends to save on daycare.

Finally Natali has correlated a camera flash with her "ugly" face I taught her. Nice eh?

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