Monday, September 5, 2011

Closer to walking

We had a nice trip to San Francisco. Natali is now up to 26 flights.

While in California we saw some friends who has a daughter two weeks younger than Natali. They are both teachers and it showed.

Their daughter, Cacey, is WAY more advanced than Natali. Cacey has been walking since she was 9 months old. Of course she is much smaller than Natali so it was a little easier to walk (so I hear). Then there is the whole talking and communication thing.

Cacey opens says many more words than Natali. What she doesn't say....she signed.

I tried to teach Natali sign language, but since I'm not here everyday, and Kelli didn't really participate, it didn't stick.

Natali talks...but only on her own terms. She will say "dadda", "mamma", "up","hi", "doggy" and "Replublican"...but only when she feels it. Kidding out the Republican thing. Bleh.

Natali is walking a bit more though. For a while she would only walk if we held both of her hands. Now we are down to one hand. Progress.


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