Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby Steps

So Natali stood unassisted for the first time while in New York. I got to thinking and came up with an idea. Carpet.

When she stood in New York it was on hard wood. I figured she had issues balancing on carpet. I yanked the rug from the living room. She's been much more comfortable standing and walking (while holding our fingers) this week.

I think we weaned too fast. We went from 6 bottles a day to 3. I bumped it up one.

Today while Natali played hooky (I kept her out of daycare as she wasn't in the mood to go) I let her drink out a sippy cup as her only option for water. She did very well. We were out for 3 hours and she eventually drank just fine while in her car seat.

She's eating more table food and less baby food. I'm pretty sure after the current baby food is gone Kelli won't make anymore.

Natali's sleeping habits have been off this week. Some days she goes along fine with one nap. Yesterday she had NO nap at day care. Rough day at home followed. She woke up in the middle of the night and then very early.

Whenever I tell someone that I am , "one and done," they get upset. It's been said if you have one kid you are doing it for yourself if you have two you are doing it for your child. Bleh. I just plan on being very involved with Natali and making sure she is as involved in outside the house interest as she wants too be.


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