Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Peanut Allergy Test.....done

Natali will be one year old tomorrow.

I thought about having a big party....but we aren't big party people....and it's her first birthday which she will never remember. We will have our own little party (there will be cake and hats!). Maybe something bigger next year.

Natali completed her 24th flight last week. We have traveling with a baby down to a science. Check all bags. We each have a backpack, Natali is in her feather weight car seat attached to rollers. Done.

We spent the last week in New York with family. My two year old niece and Natali played a little. The two year old is named Renee. She walks....Natali doesn't. Renee would take toys away from Natali and walk away. Natali didn't care much....just gave a WTF?!!? look.

While in New York Natali was tested for a peanut allergy. We were in a hotel room and Natali had a few regular M&Ms (cut in half). I grabbed some peanut butter M&Ms from my brother in law and thought "Natali would love these!". So I gave her a few when Kelli walked in and was in shock I was giving Natali peanut butter. Ooops.

My sister in law is a Pediatric Nurse. She was in the other room which was connected. We yelled over that Natali had peanut butter. She yelled back that as long as she is still breathing she is fine. Phew.

The day before we left Natali finally stood on her own. Her record was about 35 seconds before she sat down. Since we have been home she hasn't tried once. Bleh.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Natali!!

    You're such a beautiful girl!