Wednesday, July 20, 2011

She had the fever

So I thought Natali was teething. Maybe.

She was fussy all day taking hour long naps. Going from happy to fussy in a flash.

I took her temprature around was 103.1. I tried giving her tylenol. She fought anything coming near her mouth. She was wearing only a diaper.

When Kelli got home we teamed up and got the Tylenol down. Fever dropped to 100.3.

Within an hour it was back up to 102.5.

My sister in law Jami is a Pediatric Nurse. Kelli calls on her often. Jami advised that Motrin does the same thing as Tylenol, but is a different drug and thus can be given during the time frame that Tylenol can't.

Kelli went out to buy Motrin.

We had a cold rag on Natali's head for most of the evening. She went to bed with a 100.1 temparture.

This morning I found a happy and cool baby in her crib. Thankfully it was Natali and not some other baby.

She did spit up some of her first bottle, but she was happy otherwise.

Her fever was gone. She was at 98.1.

Her overnight diaper wasn't as full as normal. In fact she didn't have a good pee until later in the morning...almost afternoon. She then 1'd and 2'd like normal.

She was her normal self....almost. She didn't care for solid food much. Natali would eat finger foods (Cheerios and such) but not much from a spoon. She's taking in fluids so I'm not too worried.

Glad to have my baby back.

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