Tuesday, July 5, 2011

At least she likes her bed

Natali is a pretty easy baby (easiest baby we've ever had......). The older she gets the less she cries.

She does have one odd ritual all her own.....taking forever to fall asleep.

Each night we put her to bed around 8PM. She will cry for 10-15 seconds and then give up. For the next 20-45 minutes she plays in her bed by herself.

Natali will hold onto the rails and jump up and down. She will play with her bear. She will roll around and kick. All quietly.

I used to think she just wasn't tired and get her out of bed. She would then get grumpy and throw a fit....because she was tired.

I guess this is her ritual. It's her thing. It works. It's funny to watch her on the camera though....her quiet play.

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