Tuesday, July 19, 2011

She's lucky I love her

Natali is less than a month away from being one year old.

Kelli and I have been spoiled by Natali. Natali is very easy to take care of. Very little crying, hangs out in her crib until we get her, manually defragments our computers, and hold her own bottle.

When Natali has a bad day though it throws us off.

This week I'm off a bit more than normal. I arrived home Friday night and don't go back to work until Thursday.

This morning Natali woke up crying. Very abnormal. She was very warm and upset.

I assumed she was warm because the fan was off in her room and the house was at 78 degrees. I took off her onesie and brought her to our room.

She got her bottle and immediately went back to sleep next to me. I was happy as I enjoy my mid morning naps with her.

At 8AM she woke up screaming. I picked her up to console her. Didn't help.

Over the last few days shes been poking at her upper mouth area. Yup...more teeth are coming in.

I walked around with her and she calmed down. Another bottle. Once the bottle was done I tried to give her some solid food (apples and oatmeal). She didn't want anything coming near her mouth.

Back to bed.

She woke up around 10 AM (an hour later). Not crying. Just sitting in her bed. I watched her for a few minutes and then picked her up. Once I came in the room she started crying. I calmed her down and brought her to the living room.

She laid in my lap for about 20 minutes relaxing. She was still in just a diaper, and warm.

I gave her a bottle and tried again with solid food. Nope. She did take a Gerber snack cookie tough.

Upset again...randomly. Bath time.

Natali loves her bath time. She was happy....till bath time was over. Crying again.

New diaper and back to bed.

She slept from 11AM till 1:30PM. Another bottle. A little string cheese and 1/3 of my yogurt (Greek style...good stuff!). Back to bed at 1:55PM.

As I type this at 2:10PM...she's again sitting up in bed. I'll give her a few minutes.

She's lucky I love her....as she reinforces my decision that there will only be one.







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  1. I'm sure you have one of those mesh things you can put frozen fruit in and let her chomp on? They earned me a good bit of silence (albeit messy silence) while he let his gums get a bit of relief from the frozen fruit.
    Teething is so horrible. :( I hope that she sleeps well tonight.