Saturday, June 25, 2011

My First Pool

My mother in law is headed to town next week. She mentioned Natali should have a pool. We had been meaning to buy one for a while. I researched them.....yeah  I research everything and bought one. I found a nice one on Amazon for $35 that had a built in shade. I should have bought that one. Eh. I bought one from Target that was $25 and had a built in slide and dinosaur ball game. Yeah I know Natali is 10 months. Bleh.

The instructions stated 2 adults could blow it up in 20-30 minutes. Hmmm yeah.

Instead I used my new home air compressor. Not just any air compressor, a Dewalt 90 PSI 2 cubic foot per minute compressor. It's nice.

I had it inflated in 5 minutes.

Natali then played in it for about 10 minutes. I then spent 15 minutes taking it down. We did this two days in a row.

Beyond her first pool her speech is developing. She will say "Hi" every now and then. Lots of "Mama's" and "Dad Das"...but neither one directed at any certain person.

She can totally stand unassisted....if she wanted. When we let go of her while she is steady, Natali will slowly lower herself to the ground. She just needs more confidence.

When holding on to the couch or entertainment center she will walk left and right, she gets the concept. She will climb on or over anything in her way. This morning she crawled over to her feeding chair and sat down.

The times when we leave the baby gates open Natali will cruise right over them.

We mailed off a huge box of new toys and gently used clothes to our friends Jason and Jackie who are expecting their first baby in August (also a girl). I really love my Fedex discount (75% off!). Next too free flights, Fedex is the next best perk.

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