Monday, June 20, 2011

Smart kid

Natali is amazing. Yeah I know she is my daughter....which is why I am amazed at how amazing she is....pretty sure it's Kelli's genes....ha.

Natali is moving about very well. She is often sneaky about it. She will start off with a slow crawl. Then the moment we look away she kicks it into turbo and zoom!

Her confidence in standing on her own is getting better. She will climb up on anything and let one hand go every now and then.

We are both surprised at how much Natali loves books. She will crawl over to the entertainment center where her books are stacked and pull them down.

Whenever we pick up a book, no matter where Natali is in the room, she will smile and QUICKLY crawl over to us to be read to.

Her words....err...sounds are getting more varied. She makes the ma ma, da da, ba ba and sssss sounds. She looked at Kelli last week and said, "mmmma ma, mmmmmma ma" over and over. Probably a coincidence....but Kelli enjoyed it.

Yesterday Natali learned a new trick. She realized that whenever she cries, the dogs will howl. So Natali started fake crying to get the dogs to howl, stop, then start fake crying again. Cute...but annoying.

We couldn't ask for better sleeping habits. She is able to put herself to sleep with minimal fuss.

Whenever she is tired we put her in her crib and she will either go right out or cry for 20 seconds, realize she is tired and go to sleep. Rarely much more than that.

She averages two naps a day and sleeps 8PM till sometime in the 6AM hour.

As much as I love her....I still and totally fine with having just one kid.


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