Monday, June 6, 2011

Almost 10 months

Time is flying by.

Natali finished her 22nd flight over the weekend. She does travel like a champ. Never cries much....just sits back and relaxes. I do wonder if there is a record for number of flights before a baby is one year old.

She has gone from crawling slowly to Need for Speed Full Bottle. Wow. She is very sneaky about it.

Natali will start slowly inching toward a door and then take off.

Her speech is developing. When she is in the mood she will mimic what she hears. Just the sounds of real words...beyond "da da".

Natali has learned to clap and kinda wave two different ways. She will either wave both of her arms up and down and squeal with excitement or slowly open and close one hand...but only if we do it first.

One of her really cute little new things is licking her lips. Not sure where it came from but if she sees someone licking their lips she will start doing it over and over again.

Her diet has grown exponentially over the last two weeks. Natali has had wedding cake, frozen yogurt (with peanut butter bits from Kelli!), fruit snacks and graham cracker cereal.

Natali's sleeping habits are finally becoming routine.

In the past we used to wake her up around 9PM...feed her and put her back to bed hoping she would sleep till 6AM. Now we just feed her around 7:30PM and put her to bed just after 8PM. She normally sleeps till about 6:20AM. Not too shabby.

Finally....a simple Natali video....


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