Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hazelnut baby poopachino

If you've ever used the lavatory on an airplane and smelled coffee, there's a reason for it. It kills odors. Many flight attendants place bags of coffee in or near the lavatory to kill the odors.

I had a bright idea last week. Use my coffee grounds to kill the odor in the trash can next to the changing table. I drink coffee daily. I use an aeropress which creates a small coffee brick when done. Each day I dump the brick into the trash can. The smell is much more tolerable and a little hazelnutty.

There are a few things that make me smile:

1) Landing a plane full of passengers in bad weather

2) Watching kids and soliders get off the plane

3) Mail

4) Seeing my wife walk through the door after work

5) Mid-morning naps with my daughter


Whenever I am home Natali and I have a routine. Kelli leaves around 6:20AM. Natali wakes up around 6:30AM. I give her a nice big 6 ounce bottle and then we take a nap. I love just watching her sleep next to me. I'm still in awe of her.

Natali is being a little more expressive lately. Her new thing is to scream. Not in pain....just screaming...especially when she sees a photo of herself or herself in a mirror.

She is also being a little more expressive in her moods.

Natali is working on her tantrum technique. Not good, but it's too be expected.

Just a few months from now Natali will be one year old. Not sure where we will throw down....Euless, London, Portland.

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