Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Am I being selfish?

I am from a family of 5. My parents had my brother,  then me, then adopted three girls.

Kelli is from a family of 4, all from her mother.

Natali is so far our only kid. I have no desire for more kids. On more than one occassion I have expressed my desire to be snipped to Kelli. She protest each time.

I only want one kid. True years ago I wanted zero kids. I changed my mind. I don't think I will change my mind on wanting more.

Natali is perfect in my eyes, however I don't want to go through sleepless nights and all the other little things newborns require. Once is enough thank you.

On a podcast the other day I heard if you have just one kid you are being selfish and that having a second kid you are doing it for your first kid. An instant friend.

My sister has just one kid. My sister in law has one kid (but another is planned). My brother in law has two kids (supposedly neither one planned). Hmm.

Natali will grow up in a house of two intelligent adults who will literally be able to show her the world. She will see her cousins several times per year since, even though they live on the east and west coast, they are just a single flight away.

Most families plan a weekend get away to see family. Natali will be able to say on a Friday night "Dad can I see my cousin Haley tomorrow ? The flights to Sacramento are green." Saturday morning I can drive her up the the airport and either fly with her, or simply send her on her way.

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  1. Every only child I know wishes they had a sibling...and hello look how cute she can you NOT want another?!?!

  2. I hate the sleep deprivation but would do just about anything to have a 2nd child - I don't want my son to be an only child. I think that he can benefit from having a sibling in his life.

    And I totally agree with Tiffany - perfection in cuteness times 2? :)
    But, that said, I do know several people who are quite content with their one perfectly wonderful child. Kids are also expensive - diapers, formula, !!!daycare!!!, associated medical costs - it all adds up! :)