Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On the move

While I was criss crossing the western portion of the United States working, Kelli and Natali flew to Sacramento. I think Natali has been on 20 flights...gotta check her log book.

Over the weekend Natali finally figured out how to crawl. Kelli sent me a video of the event. I was amazed and saddened. She's been on the move ever since.

Gone are the days where I could put her in the middle of her room and wash my hands. I tried it on Tuesday. Natali was right behind me as I walked to the restroom.

While she enjoys being mobile, I can tell she wants to walk. She will use EVERYTHING to pull herself up right. Once up she will occasionally stand with one hand free and momentarily two hands free. She's practicing. Smart girl. Too smart maybe?

On the trip to Sacramento Kelli tried out a new car seat. In the past we used the Britax seats we have installed in our cars. They are GREAT seats...but they are huge. The are too wide to fit down the aisle of an airplane, thus I had to lug it over the seats.

Kelli and Natali traveled alone. Kelli found a narrow and light weight seat on Amazon.

She bought a Combi lightweight car seat . I then bought a Go Go Babyz travel system .  It worked great. Kelli was able to wheel Natali down the aisle and put the entire thing in the seat with Natali still in the seat. Easy. Glad it worked out. It will be our new travel seat until she is 1 and is able to use the kid safe seatbelt system.

Beyond that Natali has been a very easy baby for us. Sleeping through the night, easy to calm down, lets us know when she is hungry, helps Kelli with her computer problems and


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