Friday, October 21, 2011

No more bottles....and lots more words

Natali is now bottle free. She's actually been bottle free for about 3 weeks now.

She bounces between whole milk and water. Every now and then she grabs my bottle of "ghetto koolaid" which is Walmart brand crystal light flavoring...she likes it.

Her vocabulary is always increasing. Her newest words is "diaper". She says it with a Bostonian accent so it's like, "Daaaaper".

Natali will say diaper while either making a dirty diaper or as soon as she has finished making a dirty diaper. It's cute...and annoying.

I try to keep her diet somewhat varied. Thanks to me she eats a good amount of fish. She either eats fish sticks or white fish (imitation crab) shaped into sticks. She likes them both. Aside from that she eats chicken, refried beans (she loves them), carrots, corn, peas, natural applesauce and more.

Her favorite breakfast is mini-pancakes. Natali won't touch them until I put the sugar free syrup on them. She'll put both hands in the air and wait. Very cute.

Natali and I took a few hours and stopped by the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. She had a good time. They have a good sized kids area that she loved to just roam around. Still not so sure about playing with other kids just yet though.


There is a metal beam from one of the twin towers from 9/11. It will be difficult explaining that day to her.

Finally.....Kelli's side of the family eats more ice cream than the average American....probably twice as much. I'm sure it's a genetic marker....Natali loves it too. Hear is a frozen yogurt induced smile.

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