Sunday, September 2, 2007


When you take two perfect people and put them together you get perfection X2.....or that's the way it's supposed to work. Looks like that first shot wasn't perfect. I was quite bothered for a while....then I's best this happen now than later on in the journey. So we have a delay. No biggie. If we work the "planning" out right Kelli will be preggo when I need a new car. I will start reading a Farmers Almanac and wait for a really rainy toward the end of a month. I will drag her in and buy the car. The end of the month, storm and preggo evil lady (sorry Kelli) should help me get a good deal. For those that forgot....below is what some computer thought our baby would look like. Our baby?Hmm computers aren't always correct.

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  1. Eric and I did the Gene machine too and Marin looks NOTHING like the picture the computer gave us! Thank goodness because we were a little concerned by that one! :)