Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Healing Process

Physically I am in perfect health. I have always had an ability to heal quickly, and I have never had a bad reaction to anything. The same is true this time. I was perfectly fine by Saturday morning. No side effects or lingering pain at all. Mentally, it has been a bit tougher. I am a strong person. I think I have dealt with this whole experience a lot better than a lot of women have. You only have to read a message board on a pregnancy website to figure that out. Some of those women just seem to fall apart when something like this happens. I am so glad that I am not one of those women. Life is good, despite the setbacks. I do have to say I would not be nearly as strong as I am without the love and support I get from my husband, family, and all my friends and coworkers. I honestly dreaded going in to work today. On Friday I sent out a mass email to all my coworkers explaining the situation. It killed me to have to write an email like that, but I had to do it. They all knew I was pregnant and most knew that something happened on Friday. One mass email was much better than having to personally explain the situation to every single person who asked. This morning I worried about the kind of response I might get. Would they all avoid me? Would they treat me like something so delicate that they had to tiptoe around me all day? As it turns out I worried for nothing. My coworkers are wonderful people. Most had a few kind words of comfort, and I had several hugs. Then, life went on. We worked and talked today like any other day. That is what I needed most of all. It was a good day. I also received several words of encouragement from people who have been in my situation. Apparently it is more common than I could have even believed. I now personally know 4 people who were in my situation that have gone on to have healthy babies after a miscarriage, plus several other people with friends or relatives who did the same thing. That was the best thing I could have heard today. It's one thing for a doctor to tell you its common and for them to spout out stats to back them up. Its quite another to hear personal stories from people just like you. Now I know that it does happen frequently, and it is most definitely not the end of the world. Its not even close. When I knew I was pregnant it was a great feeling. I was ready for it. When I knew it was taken away from me all I could think about was getting back to that place as fast as I could. Different doctors say different things about how long a person should wait before trying again. My doctor said to wait at least one cycle. That seemed like an eternity to me. How can I possibly wait that long to get back what I had? Now, I know it will be ok. One cycle is only a month. We can try again in October. Its not a long time, and I'm pretty sure I won't have to try for a long time to get pregnant again. It will happen before I know it. I am not worried or stressed anymore. There are better things to do than think about it. I have my follow up appointment with the doctor next Thursday. Darren leaves for his jet course next Saturday, and my mom is coming to visit the next Wednesday. September is full. It should be a good month. :)

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