Wednesday, July 4, 2007


So Kelli told me that she wanted the name Logan as a boy. I didn't care for it. Last night on the way home I tuned into XM Comedy. Right as I tuned it in a comedian started a joke about the name Logan for a baby. It went something along the lines of "Yeah Logan, like Boston Logan International Airport, when I look at my kid I want to think about crappy traffic, delays and pissed of people." That pretty much took Logan out of the mix. So that still leaves Charles Lindbergh Jamal Jesus O'Scotty Byrd for a boy…and Amelia Erheart Maria Suki Barbara Shaquanda Byrd.


  1. I predict it will be a girl. You should name her Sacajewia!! :)

  2. I'm thinking girl too. I know you want a boy but it's a karma thing. Hah!