Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Early going

A week into this...I am fine. Kelli is having body issues. She is already complaining about clothes not fitting and her bra not fitting. I dunno if it's the pregnancy or body/mind playing tricks on her.

The whole name thing. I brought up Michaela....Kelli didn't care for it. Peggy (mother in law) likes it. I am still no on Logan.

I have to turn in my car in 13 months. I am not sure what I will get next. Should I get a family car? Or macho car? I like the Dodge Magnum, Scion XB (new model), Toyota FJ Cruiser and the Nissan Altima coupe. listed in order below.






  1. I vote for the FJ Cruiser. It looks macho and can serve as a family vehicle as well!! Best of both worlds...

  2. My vote is for the Scion...it looks like it has alot of cargo space and it looks cool!

  3. Uhhh. Have you tried to put a car seat in the back of an FJ Cruiser? Ain't happening. And lets not get started on the coupe.
    This is what you need:


  4. All of the above choices suck. Be a bad husband and do what mine did, buy a crappy Jeep! Have you considered a Nissan Murano? Super awesome-town.

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