Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Early going

A week into this...I am fine. Kelli is having body issues. She is already complaining about clothes not fitting and her bra not fitting. I dunno if it's the pregnancy or body/mind playing tricks on her.

The whole name thing. I brought up Michaela....Kelli didn't care for it. Peggy (mother in law) likes it. I am still no on Logan.

I have to turn in my car in 13 months. I am not sure what I will get next. Should I get a family car? Or macho car? I like the Dodge Magnum, Scion XB (new model), Toyota FJ Cruiser and the Nissan Altima coupe. listed in order below.






  1. I vote for the FJ Cruiser. It looks macho and can serve as a family vehicle as well!! Best of both worlds...

  2. priscillanavarraJuly 10, 2007 at 2:36 AM

    My vote is for the Scion...it looks like it has alot of cargo space and it looks cool!

  3. Uhhh. Have you tried to put a car seat in the back of an FJ Cruiser? Ain't happening. And lets not get started on the coupe.
    This is what you need:


  4. All of the above choices suck. Be a bad husband and do what mine did, buy a crappy Jeep! Have you considered a Nissan Murano? Super awesome-town.

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