Thursday, July 5, 2007

Early pregnancy symptoms

Well, this has been quite a shock! I've only been off birth control pills for a month. Apparently I am very fertile. :) I could tell I was pregnant for an entire week before I got a positive test. No one really believed me though. They all thought it was the side effects from stopping the pills. I could tell something was different though. I had never felt like that before. I had mild cramps, really bad breast pain, and lower back pain for an entire week. It was definitely not premenstrual symptoms. Darren was very skeptical. I took a couple of tests early and they both came back negative. I even called the doctor thinking there must be something wrong with me. The nurse I talked to didn't seem concerned though. She told me to wait until Friday and test again then come in for a blood test if it was negative. Well, I obviously couldn't wait that long. I tested Wednesday morning and was shocked to see the positive test! I had to take a second one just to be sure. Of course that one was positive too. So, I called the doctor back this morning and scheduled my first prenatal visit. I was expecting to wait a couple of weeks because thats what happened with my sister. They actually scheduled me for my first visit next Thursday. I'm told it will take 3 hours! I can't imagine what they could possibly do to me in all that time. I bet it will involve a lot of sitting around and waiting. I guess I will find out. :) Thanks to everyone for all the congratulations! This will all take some getting used to. We have 9 months to straighten out the name situation. I guess I will need a baby name book after all!

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