Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Loves her cousins

Natali is rapidly approaching 3 years old.


Potty training is still planned this summer. She knows what a potty is. She will ask to sit on it every now and then, but she's used it only a handful of times.

She did go #2 with her Grandma recently. Kelli and I were at work when Natali told her Grandma she needed to go "poo poo". She went down the hall and went. Natali has never done that with us.

With all the house stuff we haven't made the time to potty train. That will change in July.

Beyond that Natali really enjoys playing with her cousins.

We recently flew to California to visit Natalis cousin Haley (and her parents Jami and Kelly).

As always Natali is VERY shy with everyone but Kelli and me. It doesn't matter if  she met you last week, for the first 5-20 minutes of meeting you she is very reserved. I was very shy as a kid as well. She will grow out of it.

Natali has been taking swimming lessons for months and is very comfortable around water.

Jami and Kelly have a pool in their yard and the girls wanted to go swimming, but it was a bit chilly. They did have a great time kicking and splashing though.


I still look at Natali with amazement. She has come so far in such a short time and yet has a long way to go. I'm

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