Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Where did June go?

June went by fast.

Over the last two months we sold our old house, packed up and moved into the new house.

The transition went very well. We were worried Natali would have problems adjusting. Not at all.

It likely helped that we visited the "new house" several times over the last few months. Natali has been calling it the "new house" for a long time. She hasn't had a single issue.

What has been an issue is potty training.

Her Daycare teacher was shocked when Kelli told her Natali won't use the potty at home. Natali has been using the potty just fine at school, even pulling down and up her pull up!

We are still trying. Natali will sit on the potty fine, but hasn't actually used it in the new house. We have tried taking away her Ipad, which had no effect at all. She didn't miss it at all.

We then tried a slice of birthday cake as she LOVES birthdays. Nope.

Cupcakes. Nope.

M&Ms. Nope.

Cookie. Nope.

Lollipop. Nope.

Natali knows what she is doing. She will sit on the potty for a while then say "I'm all done, no Lollipop for Natali."

We aren't giving up.

It's hard to believe Natali will be 3 years old next month. We ordered a new growth chart for her room as we had to take the old one down.

I'll try to update more, hopefully the next one will have potty training progress.

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