Monday, May 6, 2013

First ear infection

We had a really good run....2 1/2 years of no ear infections.

Natali had a really rough night last week on Thursday. She woke up crying and screaming. She said her ear hurts, but we dismissed it as her sleeping on it funny.

The next day she was really moody. She never complained about her ear, but she had big mood swings.

Saturday she was normalish, but late in the afternoon she said her ear hurt. Sure enough she had a yellowish ring around the exterior of her left ear.

Off to the urgent care clinic. I felt bad for not looking at her ear closer on a weekday.

Ear infection confirmed. Thankfully Natali likes taking medication.

Still not potty trained. With all the house selling stuff we haven't given potty training much attention. Now that we replaced our vinyl flooring with carpet....we think we will just wait until we move into the new house, which should be in late June.



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