Sunday, March 31, 2013

Now arriving gate 2....those "terrible twos"

Natali is a pretty good kid. I've been around a few kids...I know she is pretty easy.

People warned us of the "terrible twos". Natali turned two in August. I cringed....nothing happened...until lately.

She is learning how to push our buttons. Two of her favorite things to do are spill/spit water and take off her shoes.

The spilling/spitting water came along as a surprise.

She USED to have a sippy cup in bed so if she was thirsty overnight she could drink. Then she started to "spill" the water on the side of the bed and carpet. I thought it was an accident....until it happened several times.

Natali also will drink water while sitting at her table and then spit the water onto the table. She then turns around and says "uh oh I made a mess".

Beyond water she is taking off her shoes again. Natali went through a phase of taking off her shoes when she first started walking. It passed. Now it's back.

Either in the car, sitting in a shopping cart or wherever.

We are still working on potty training. She knows when she needs to go, but doesn't tell us until it's to late. A few times we've snatched her up and ripped her pants like they are on fire, then plopped her down on the potty. Baby steps.

Natali's vocabulary and speech skills are amazing. I thought my niece Haley was advanced at 2 1/2 as I was having conversations with her at that age. Natali seems well past that.

Natali is literally a sponge. We will give her a new where her cousins and grandma live. She repeats it a few times and then over the next day or so will ask us where they live. Before long she is telling us where they live like, "Grandma lives in Oregon" and "Haley lives in California."

She learned a while ago that "Mommy works in the building," and "Daddy works in the airplane."

Her sentence structure is also quite advanced. I'm very proud of her.

Beyond that we are just really busy getting this house ready for sale. Natali often says, "I want to go see the new house."

We should be there in under 90 days. Likely around 70 or so.





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