Thursday, April 28, 2011

Standing up....

So Natali learned a new skill yesterday...standing up.

I think she has been studying what it takes to stand up for a while. Yesterday she went for it.

Natali can now go from laying down in her crib to standing up holding the rail. We saw this as a problem so I lowered the mattress.

Natali being the daughter of a geek and a scientist apparently has a highly advanced brain. After I lowered the mattress I put her to bed. She closed her eyes and PRETENDED to go off to sleep. As soon as I left the room, the door wasn't even closed, she sat up and reached for the rail and stood right up. When I came back in the room she was smiling with the pacifier in her mouth. In my head she was saying, "you're in trouble now dad!"

She tries to stand up all the time now. All day yesterday she would use myself or Kelli to pull herself up. She tries to pull herself up using the exersaucer...which teeters so it's not a good platform.

Natali doesn't appear to have any interest in crawling. She can move herself around the room by rolling and pulling herself around. She will get in a but high position...but only in an attempt to stand on her own.

Her latest sickness is mostly gone. She hasn't been drinking much lately. Maybe 16 ounces yesterday. She ate solid food fine though. My sister in law (a nurse) said as long as Natali is still urinating there is nothing to worry about. If she stopped then she might be dehydrated.

I have little doubt Natali will bypass crawling in favor of walking. Time will tell.

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