Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sick again....damn daycare

Natali had a solid two weeks of being not sick. She was really great on vacation. We were happy.

Last week she was in daycare for 3 days...and got sick...bad.

I left for work on Thursday and didn't get back until Monday. Natali got really sick Sunday which meant Kelli had to burn another sick day. I have 70ish hours of sick time, but it's VERY hard to call in sick if I'm out flying, especially since I am based in Chicago currently.

Monday afternoon the daycare sent out an email...sixteen kids were out sick. An epedemic?

Natali was prescribed an antibiotic.

I arrived home at 1AM Tuesday morning. Tired.

Today Natali is a lot better. I am 100% sure it's because I'm home. She needed some daddy time. We had our normal morning of a nice bottle which watching Headline News, a 2 hour nap followed by pear oatmal and The 404 podcast. Natali was in a great mood all morning. I was happy to home again.

She did get a little fussy during her afternoon nap, but my this evening she was back to her normal self.

I hate taking her to daycare as she is almost always sick. I just hope this builds her immune system quickly.

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