Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quality Time

My daughter turned one....month...yesterday. Of that month, I've been away almost half of it. I'm a pilot. I's expected.

When I am home I spoil her, much to Kelli's dismay. I hold Natali while she sleeps, picked her up the moment I hear a wimper and gaze into her eyes for hours. It's hard not to when you are the parent of the worlds most perfect daughter ;-).

Long story short I have to make use of quality over quantity. This will change a bit when Kelli and I swap roles November 1st. I will be taking November and December off for FMLA leave. It will be interesting for sure. Hopefully Natali and I will travel a bit.

Most recently I was away for 6 full days. Seemed like longer. When I came home Natali was sleeping. Kelli had been trying unsuccessfully for a while to wake Natali up, thinking by keeping her up then Natali would sleep longer overnight. Kelli was having no luck. Natali is a very sound sleeper.

As I walked down the hallway Natali's eyes opened and she craned her neck toward reaction to my voice. My daughter missed me. She was awake for a full hour after I came home. We spent lots of time just gazing at each other.

I leave again tomorrow night and come home late Wednesday night. I might be gone again for October.

Quality over Quantity.

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