Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not so gross

In the past the changing of baby diapers grossed me out. Heck it still does. My sisters in law would change diapers in front of me in attempts to make me queasy. Nice eh?

My sister in law Jami would "take a peek" at her daughters diaper to see what was in it. Again I was grossed out.....till I found myself doing it a few weeks ago.

We started off using Pampers diapers.....cause that's what the hospital and friends gave us. Somewhere we got some Huggies. Huggies suck. We will use them until they are gone then go back to Pampers.

Before having a kid I was told that, when it comes to changing diapers,  "it's different when it's your own kid" Hmmm. Whatever. Still gross. I still get queasy and I know it will get worse as time goes on. The worst times are when Natali...ahem...let's is flow/fly while I am changing her. I have learned that I take off the diaper....let the cold air rush in....close the diaper....count to 10...then change the diaper. This way if she needs to pee again she can do so in the diaper. It works sometimes. Other times I sigh...change the diaper...and then her clothes.

Natali is progressing very well in my eyes. Her head control is very good side to side and getting better forward and backward. She really likes to stand up when she is on my lap. Of course when she steps around on my lap she runs the risk of being an only child.

Over the last few nights her overnight sleeping has improved. Instead of waking up every 2 hours she wakes up every 3-4 hours. This means we fill her up with formula at 10:30. She falls asleep around 11PMish. She wakes up between 3-3:30AM and then again around 6AM. Much better for our sleeping patterns.

She turns 42 days old tomorrow. I'm not using weeks/months....to0 cliche.

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