Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Daddy on Board

There are tons of resources for new moms. For new dads??? Not so much.

Natali Del Conte is the tech reporter who we used for the spelling of Natali. Natali Del Conte is dating a man named Clayton Morris. Clayton has had a long running podcast called the Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe. He recently launched a podcast called...Daddy On Board.

Natali Del Conte  and Clayton had their first child about two weeks before our daughter was born. It is refreshing to see and hear all the questions and concerns he had going up until the birth.

It's a weekly podcast that, as far as I can figure, is only subscribable  on Itunes or viewable online here.

Last night Natali woke up just 3:30AM. My turn. I made a 3 ounce bottle. Natali is really good at measuring as she stops eating in exactly one ounce intervals! After two ounces we took a break and I burped her. I then popped to bottle back in. I leaned my head back for just a moment. The next thing I knew my hand was covered in warm liquid. Then my shirt. Then my boxer shorts. The flow had reversed.

I sprang into action and used the burping rag to catch a good two ounces of formula. Nice eh?

New diaper, new clothes (for the both of us!) and a new bottle later...all was good. She went back to sleep at 4:15AM not waking up again until 8AM.

Natali appears to have Kelli's personality. Laid back until something is not to her liking...and then watch out! Natali's crying doesn't bother me to the point of stressing me out. When she cries and I am holding her, I will position her so she can stand on my lap. She then puts her hands on my chest, pushes off and wails. I just look at her and say," Come on Natali, look me in the eyes and scream at me like you mean it!"

We are getting our rug today. We bought a 8 X 11 foot rug last week for the living room. It's a shag rug...kinda retro. Has some color in it to help our mostly brown living room. Will be easier for Natali to have tummy time.

Natali is 7 weeks old today!

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