Thursday, June 5, 2008

Finally Got an Appointment

I went in to the doctor on Tuesday morning for my blood test and while I was there I filled out the medical release form so I could get my appointment with the hematologist.  I think most people have heard some of my horror stories about having my blood drawn.  If you haven't heard them just know people have a really hard time drawing my blood for some reason, and I always tell them beforehand to use the small needles and be really careful.  First off, they made me wait for 15 minutes because they couldn't figure out what tube to draw my blood in.  Apparently the test I was having done isn't a very common one and the code that was written on the paper wasn't correct.  They tried to call and get the correct code, but my doctor's office wasn't open for phone calls yet, and I guess they couldn't get through to their own help line.  I was only supposed to have one tube of blood drawn, but since they couldn't figure out which tube to draw it into they decided to draw 4 tubes because one of them would probably be correct!  Yay for me!  I always seem to be the interesting case.  At least the lady did it correctly on the first try this time.  I gave her my normal speech before the draw and she told me that she would get it correct on the first try because she was hungry and she didn't want to mess around with me.  I say whatever motivates you to do it right the first time is just fine by me!

So, yesterday I got a phone call from the hematologist's office.  They received my medical records and called to give me my appointment time.  Once again I have to say I love my doctor!  It normally takes 7 to 10 days to get medical records transferred, but she got it done quicker to make sure I could get an appointment as soon as possible.  The receptionist told me my appointment is for next Tuesday at 1:30pm.  I found that pretty funny actually.  She didn't ever ask me if that would work for me.  She just said that was when it was.  Perhaps they are just really busy and that is the only time they could actually get me in.  I'm really glad its so soon.  I was honestly expecting it to take a few weeks.  I'm anxious to get some answers from the doctor after all that I've read on the internet.  I'd like to have some actual expert opinion to refute or corroborate what I've read.  The receptionist told me she was going to call my doctor back and let her know when my appointment is because my doctor is going to discuss my records with the hematologist in person.  I don't know if this is normal practice for her or not, but I am lucky to have a doctor willing to go so far for me.  I will update on Tuesday after my appointment.

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