Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My First Baby Purchase....

I got this at Walgreen's of all places!  It was too cute and I couldn't resist.  It only came in the blue color, but I figured it was ok because girls can wear blue too.  Of course, if we end up having a boy I will get one of those pink shirts for him that say "Real Men Wear Pink".  Darren would just love that. LOL!  Darren is still planning on picking up a shirt from the American Airlines museum.  It said "Future Pilot Just Like My Dad".  This kid is going to have all kinds of cute shirts.  I only know how to buy t-shirts, so anything else purchased for our baby will have to come from mom or my sisters.  If left up to us our baby would have quite a strange wardrobe!



  1. I'll add the onesie that says "My Mommy Drives a Hybrid!" to your collection! I found it on Cafe Press.

  2. Very cute! Don't worry about the other clothing, I have already put away several things that you can have. Most things Haley never even wore, or only wore one time. That baby will have more than just t-shirts.

  3. [...] was reading a post at ByrdInTheOven.com and Kelli was talking about some geeker shirts for the kido.  I came across a few that [...]