Thursday, August 16, 2007

My clothes don't fit!!!

I wear scrubs to work every day of the week. Its really nice because I don't have to think about what to wear every day. I have always worn small scrubs. Within the last couple of weeks they have started getting tight. I'm not showing yet, but I have gained weight. My scrubs definitely still fit and I could probably go another few weeks at least with them, but they are just not comfortable anymore. Today I broke down and decided to buy some larger ones. I couldn't decide if I should try mediums or just go to large in anticipation of being huge later. My company won't pay for maternity scrubs, so this is all out of my pocket. I asked another coworker who is about my size what she used to wear when she was pregnant. She told me at the end she got up to an extra large! I couldn't believe that. She did have an almost 10 pound baby, but these scrubs are unisex and I can't believe she wore them that large. I just ended up going to the store and trying stuff on. I started with the large. It was pretty funny! I can't imagine I could ever be large enough to fit into those things. It was like wearing a tent! I guess I will find out later. I ended up getting the mediums. I bought 3 pairs of the cheap Dickies. I know there are 5 days in a week, but 3 pairs was $60 with the discount, so I guess I will be doing more laundry. The mediums are large enough that I think they will last for most of the pregnancy. I just have to make sure I don't gain 60 pounds.

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