Monday, September 16, 2013


I can finally say Natali is potty trained. The cruise where she saw her cousins potty trained seemed to really put the spark inside of her to just do it.

For over a week she's been wearing underwear during the daytime and a diaper overnight. She only had one accident at school where she had a #2 while sleeping at nap time.

I still have a problem getting her to go to the bathroom. I think it's just the "being told what to do" that's the issue. Every now and then she will tell us she has to go and for the most part she goes.

Natali appears to have my (Darren) iron bladder as she can hold it forever. Mine comes from flying around the country and not being able to go whenever I want (say while landing a plane or preparing for takeoff.....or just not wanting to walk all the way back on a short 40 minute flight).

She has really come into her own lately. Natali is talking more and, for the first time ever, will talk to people on the phone and in a video chat. In the past Natali would giggle or remain silent while on the phone. For video chats she would just stare. Recently she has talked to me and her Grandma Richmond.

In other exciting news....Natali has learned her full name. Since I was "blessed" with two middle names we gave her two middle names, Amelia and Winnell. Amelia because Kelli and thought it was pretty and the whole flying thing. Winnell is for my late mother.



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