Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Getting closer

Natali is almost potty trained. Almost.

The cruise really seemed to get her going. She is very influenced by her peers.

When Marin came over about a month ago Natali noticed Marin was potty trained (of course as Marin is more than twice her age). Natali went to the potty and took off her pants and diaper in an attempt to use the potty.

During the cruise she noticed her cousin Renee was potty trained. That really pushed Natali to at least pee on the potty.

Since we've been back Natali has been in just underwear most of the time. We've had only a few accidents, but many more happy moments. Natali is doing very well with #1....not so good with #2.

She appears to have her fathers iron bladder as she appears to "hold it" for a long time sometimes.

Yesterday Natali and I (Darren) took a trip to the zoo. I put her in just underwear from the time she woke up. We stopped and used the potty a few times...or  tried to. She never went, but more importantly didn't fight it and had no accidents.

As far as Natali telling us she has to happens....but not very often. More often is that we bring her to the potty and she goes. Still progress.

We're getting closer.

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