Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sleeping on the plane...without the car seat

We took a quick trip to Atlanta, Georgia this weekend.

Natali has flown around 50 times. For at least 46 of them she was in her car seat.

We bought the CARES harness a while ago but only used it once on a short flight down to Houston. We were worried Natali wouldn't be able to sleep in a regular seat on a longer flight while being strapped into the harness. We were wrong.

On the flight to Atlanta Natali was fine in her seat with her Ipad and pacifier (it's only for bedtime and airplanes).


On the flight back Natali fell asleep before we took off while strapped into the harness. She slept the entire two hours. We did make a makeshift pillow with a blanket.


It's nice to know next time we fly (which will likely be to New York) Natali can sleep just fine in a regular seat. Things will get even easier when she can use a booster seat instead of a car seat.


The Georgia Aquarium was fun. It's definitely not stroller friendly which is why we left ours at home. The dolphin show was also not toddler friendly. It had a lot of dark scenes and strobe lights that didn't really help the really unnecessary story.


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