Monday, January 14, 2013

Lactose Intolerant?

Natali has had this odd quirk for a while.

Whenever she sits at her table she will often tense up, strain and squirm....almost like she's full of gas or trying to shoot out a #2. She does this for minutes at a time. It's not comfortable to watch her do this.  No gas comes out....and she doesn't make a dirty diaper.

We have tried different chairs...and putting her on the ground...she does the same thing.

I (Darren) finally thought, maybe it's her diet.

Milk products and I don't get along very well. I get cramping, gas or both. Natali is ,at my guesstimation , 45% Black. Lactose intolerance is huge for people who are classified as black. The rates are as high as 75% of people classified as black are also lactose intolerant.

So on Saturday we tried replacing her milk with Soy milk. She drank it at first....but has since shunned all milk (likely due to taste).

Sunday she squirmed a little. Today (Monday) squirming, straining or tensing up. Not even once. This has been a common occurrence every morning (when she has the most milk) for a long time.

I feel bad that she has shunned all milk. Time to do some research and taste testing of lactose free milk. Also not good as she likes cheese. She eats A LOT of cheese via slices and sticks.

This is an ongoing study as Kelli is high skeptical of Natali being lactose intolerant. From what I've seen over the last 36 hours....I'm thinking I'm right.

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