Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting older....but regressing

Natali is getting older. Yeah I know it's part of life.

A few months ago she was apparently the "prime time" for potty training.

Natali was all into her Elmo potty training video, she was able to identify when she needed to go and she would TELL us when she needed to go.

Not any more.

Her new thing is to go number 2....and not say a word. This has resulted in diaper rashes at daycare. She came home with a pretty bad one on Friday.

I know we just need to do it. I've read "The Potty Boot Camp"


I'm waiting for Kelli to read it so we are on the same page. Pun intended.

Daycare is potty training, but since she's only part time it only helps it we do it here as well.

Still waiting on her new bed. She is doing quite well in her current bed though.

This weekend we went to The Little Gym for a birthday party for two of her daycare mates.

Natali went to The Little Gym earlier this year and it did not go well .

For the first 10 minutes she clung to our legs. Then she walked around a little...not really playing.

This time she was shy for about 3 minutes. For the rest of the time she ran around and played. She didn't play with other kids much. She tried to by mostly following the other kids and mimicking them. Progress!

During the pizza and cake part of the party they had water and juice for kids. Natali used to really like apple juice (we used Simply Juice half water and half juice). Not much lately. All she wants is milk or water. Never ask for juice to the point where we haven't purchased juice in months.


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