Monday, April 30, 2012

I love being a dad

Being a parent means experiencing millions of tiny moments. Moments of happiness. Moments of terror. Moments of disgust. Millions of moments.

Most of the moments occur between parent and child and are rarely ever shared.

I was really unsure if I would like being a parent. I knew I was a pretty good husband. I enjoyed being a husband. But could I be a parent? Would I enjoy being a parent?  Could I be a...dare I say it... a dad?

Natali is quickly approaching 2 years old. It's crazy to think how fast time has gone by. This blog is approaching 5 years old. Those who've read this for a while know the difference in age is due to a few bumps on the road to becoming parents.

Anyways back to the moments. I enjoy them all. The happy ones just as much as the disgusting ones. Okay that's not true the happy ones are a little better.

Tonight a happy moment occurred....just between Natali and myself....but it filled me with such joy I felt the need to share it with you.

I put Natali to bed and she was restless as normal. I watched her toss and turn on the camera for about 20 minutes. I decided to go pick her up and rest in the recliner in her room. The room was dark and cool. Just the sound of the white noise machine in the background.

As she laid on my shoulder she gently patted my shoulder then rubbed it....the same way I sometimes pat her back and then rub it in a circular motion. Natali then raised her head and just looked into my eyes. After a few seconds she laid back down and patted my shoulder again. I couldn't help but smile. Another moment of happiness.

I love being a dad.


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