Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Dentist Visit

Natali had her first Dentist visit this week. It went was quick.

The dentist we went to was recommended to us by a friend for being great with kids.

Kelli filled out all of the paperwork ahead of time. Since I typically work 3 days a week I was able to take Natali without having to take time off work.

New patients are only seen after 11AM. Natali normally takes a nap around noon. Her appointment was for 11:30AM. Yeah.....about her being in a good mood.

The dentist met us in an office type room...not the normal patient setup.

We talked for a bit while Natali sat in my lap and clung to me. After a few minutes the Dentist had me place Natali's head in her lap. Natali began screaming. This helped the Dentist look at her teeth and apply fluoride.

I was told that if we want to give Natali juice (even diluted juice) we should only give it to her with meals and not let her walk around with it. Fine.

Her next visit is in 6 months.

Beyond that Natali has started using two word sentences. "Go Bye Bye" "Come Doggies," "I'm coming", "Yogurt Please", "Brush Teeth" "No Obama".  It was either "No Obama" or "No more".....pretty sure it was the former. Ha.

While watching NBC Nightly news we learned we have our car seats installed incorrectly.

We assumed we could use JUST the latch system in the seats meaning just one latch on each side of the seat. I had seen the top latch on the back of the car seat, but thought that was for a different kind of car. Nope. Sure enough on the back of our seats (We both drive Prius's) there is another LATCH anchor. Oops. Done. The story showed how far forward the car seat can move in a collision. Yeah about that reading the manual thing. I know I read the manual when we bought the seats. Eh.

I've noticed most of my friends who have had their first kid are already on their second. Just cranking them out. One friend has a kid younger than Natali and is expecting their next November 3rd. Wow.

I'm still in the "one and done" camp. Kelli is indifferent.


  1. Two and THROUGH :)
    HAHA on no obama.

  2. I remember loving the dentist as a kid, probably because I was blessed with healthy teeth so it was never associated with pain. Now of course I've had some not so pleasant experiences and the thought of going to the dentist gives me a heart attack.

    Glad her visit went (pretty) well. Hopefully the next visit isn't so close to nap time.