Monday, April 5, 2010

20 weeks

Officially we are half way there!  In reality its a bit more than half way because I will be delivering a week or two early.  As you all know by now, last week was the big ultrasound and we found out we are having a girl.  We are very excited about it!  While it would have been nice to break the streak of girls in the family, those girls are great and we love them. :)  Plus, I am very familiar with baby girls now and I know Darren is comfortable dealing with them.  We are ready for this!  Of course, now I am freaked out about having things prepared for her arrival.  I made a bit of progress by researching and selecting a crib, and I think we (me and mom) have a paint color picked out for the baby room.  That's about it so far though.  I still need to get going on the daycare search, and at some point I need to register for baby stuff.  I have no clue what we need so I'm really hoping someone (perhaps my dear sister) will just go register for me and tell me where to find the registry.  Maybe I will just wait and we can all make a big group trip to Babies R Us when we go to New York in 2 weeks.  Actually, that sounds like a really good plan.  I will have plenty of help and no shortage of advice then, especially since my sister-in-law knows absolutely everything anyway. :)

In other news, I hung out with my good friend Kerry on Saturday.  I met up with her and her sweet little boy at the mall and we walked around and did a bit of shopping.  He got some new shoes and a Build-A-Bear.  That place is neat, but I don't know if its a safe place to take a toddler.  You might not get out of there without spending way more than necessary.  It's not just the bear.  You have to buy clothes and accessories too!  At least Kerry's boy is young enough that she could escape with just the bear (or monkey in this case).  Stuffed animals don't need clothes.  Kerry did give me the best thing ever!  She had a Doppler she bought while she was pregnant and she allowed me to borrow it since she isn't using it right now.  I can't thank her enough for it!  Of course, our little one is still really small and she likes to move, so she is really hard to pin down.  I tried to find the heartbeat for 20 minutes yesterday morning and couldn't get it for more than a second or two.  Then, Darren came home in the evening and asked me about it.  I didn't really want to show him because I couldn't work the darn thing very well, but I did anyway.  Of course, I magically found the heartbeat after like a minute.  Perhaps she just likes her dad better already.  It took me about 20 minutes to pin her down again today.  Silly baby!  I am not frustrated by it though.  I haven't panicked at all when I can't find it.  I know she is just small still, and I think she is sitting pretty far toward my back too so I can't find her as easily.  I think that's why I don't seem so big yet to people either.  I have had more than a few comments that I don't look too pregnant yet.  I assure you all that I am, and her growth is right on according to the ultrasound we just had.  Hopefully I will get noticeably bigger in a couple of weeks so I actually look pregnant to random people.  I don't like just looking fat.  Oh well, it will all be worth it in the end.  I think we may be close to settled on a name too, a first name anyway.  I'm pretty sure we are going with Natali.  I picked the name and Darren agreed and decided on the spelling.  It could change, but I have a feeling it won't because its really the only one we have agreed on.  I don't want to rock the boat and suggest something else when such progress has been made.  I think the real battle will be about the middle name (or names as Darren seems to think we need more than one).  Stay tuned...

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