Monday, February 16, 2009

Screw odds

I like being in control. I'm not a control freak....but I understand those that are. I have a hard time riding as a passenger in a car. Kelli knows this and rarely drives me around. When she does she puts on "Darren blockers" and blocks out my random comments on her driving. Ever since I started flying I can hardly control myself when I sit in the back as a passenger. I want to be the one in the cockpit with all the information possible and the ability to control things.

This whole egg & sperm magic trick...many call conception and the resulting offspring....many call a something I have absolutely zero control over. Well I have control over the initial delivery.....but after that....I am a passenger. For 9 months I will be a passenger in the back of the baby flight. So many things can go wrong. Even after thousands of years of humans making humans...accidents and problems arise everyday. I don't deal with odds. The odds are higher that one will die slipping in the shower than in a plane crash...but ya know what...I am in control every time I shower and most of the time I fly.

I deal with stress very well. Flying through turbulence,rain and lightening will barely cause a change in my heart rate. I've got two months to work on figuring out how to deal with not being in control whatsoever for 9 months.

Too bad science hasn't perfected the insta-baby....or the science used in the movie GATTACCA.

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